Bay Vista Master Plan

Project Description

631 public housing units, market rate housing, with retail and commercial center

Client:  Bremerton Housing Authority
Contractor:  Walsh Construction Co.

Funded in part by the HUD HOPE VI grant program, the 83-acre Bay Vista (formerly Westpark) Redevelopment project will replace 631 public housing units, primarily one-story duplexes and four-plexes, which were built as temporary housing for shipyard workers in the World War II era.  Ninety percent or more of existing units are for low-income families and individuals.  The new Bay Vista is envisioned as an urban mixed-use, mixed-income, pedestrian-oriented community.  To help de-concentrate low-income housing in Bremerton, the redevelopment will include a variety of types and styles of housing to meet the needs of a range of income groups.  The proposed retail and commercial component of the project will provide for some of the everyday shopping needs of residents, as well as provide some job opportunities for residents.  The site will be sensitively designed to maintain significant open space and preserve and enhance views.  Carefully manage stormwater and other natural features, such as new parks, civic spaces, and outdoor amenities will be created.  Of the proposed 950 units of public housing and market-rate housing, Tonkin Architecture provided master planning for the site and the design of the 180 replacement public housing units in a variety of duplex, tri-plex, four-plex, and townhouse buildings. For more information on the housing see Bay Vista Multifamily Housing.