Mission & Goals

Our Mission:

  • Design buildings and places that enrich people and their communities.
  • Search for sustainable, affordable housing models.
  • Plan for the development of new communities that include people of all economic levels.
  • Help preserve and restore our historic heritage.

Our Client Goals:

  • Serve our owner-clients in the achievement of their architectural goals and aspirations.
  • Design and plan for the enjoyment and enrichment of each project’s residents, users, and visitors.
  • Respond to the needs and desires of the greater community.
  • Help preserve and restore our historic heritage.

Our Project Goals:

  • Build on our strengths in affordable housing and historic preservation.
  • Recognize each project’s site planning and building design parameters as unique.
  • Seek to create innovative, attractive, functional designs that are sustainable and affordable.

Our Employment Goals:

  • Provide equal employment opportunity in hiring, promotions, compensation and benefits, and employee training without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, color, religion or national origin.